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Lori Brewer

Memorial created 08-7-2008 by
Lori Brewer
Aaron Dwayne Brewer
March 12 1981 - June 4 2007


 This song was the type of music Aaron listened to. Also, it was played at my 15 year old Nephew's funeral in 2004.

This online Memorial was created in Loving Memory of AARON BREWER, whose life story is told throughout this Memorial website by his MOM, Lori. Please sign AARON'S guestbook and let us know you came to visit. It will mean so much to us. We will remember AARON Forever.

 HE'S MY SON!!!!!





  3/12/1981~ A BABY BOY WAS BORN.
 6/04/2007~ A YOUNG MAN WENT HOME.
Age: 26 years, 2 months and 23 days.



A~A handsome young man
A~Always a Momma's boy
O~Oh how I miss him!!
N~Nice to everyone he knew

B~Best friend to many
W~Wonderful human being
E~Excellent in everything he accomplished
R~Remembered Forever!!




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                REMEMBER ME.....
When flowers bloom early in the Spring,
Remember me on sunny days in the fun
that Summer brings.
Remember me in the Fall,
as you walk through leaves of gold.
In the Winter time, remember me in the
stories that are told.
But most of all remember each day
right from the start,
I will forever be near, for I live
within your heart.




Aaron....Sending you lots of hugs and kisses your way. I love and miss you sooooo much.






















Aaron Dwayne Brewer came into this world on a sunny Thursday evening at 5:27 P.M.on March 12th, 1981. He weighed 8 lbs. 9 oz. and was 21 inches long. A head full of dark hair and big brown eyes. My handsome precious baby boy. His older Sister by 13 months, Amber Dawn, welcomed her new baby Brother. And 2 years later he welcomed his new baby Sister, Destiny Lynne. Aaron was my only Son.

Aaron was a handful compared to his Sisters. He was ALL BOY!! He was hyper and mischevious but he settled down quite a bit once he started school. He always was a Momma's boy, even when he got older. For that, I am grateful.

When Aaron was born, his head hit my pelvic bone and bruised the top of his head and forehead. It caused him to have seizures. None which were life threatening, but he had to stay in the hospital when I went home.

Aaron and his Sisters were your average normal kids. They played good together and they fought alot also. Aaron grew into a fine young man and as the 3 got older they were very close to each other. My Daughters started families of their own before Aaron did. My oldest, Amber, married a great man, Jared, and they have 2 Daughters, Haylee and Brittany and I became "Me-Mom". My youngest, Destiny, married a great man also, Joe, and they had my 3rd Granddaughter, Jasmine. Aaron loved his nieces with a heart of gold. He was so very close to them. And, of course, they adored their Uncle Aaron. Destiny had my 4th Granddaughter, Jolynne, on February 12th, 2008. Aaron never got to meet her. But I know he's proud and watching from Heaven.

Aaron met Sherri Swindle when he was living in Arkansas with my Mom and Dad and working at "The Great Passion Play." She lived near Branson, Missouri which was only about 45 minutes from Eureka Springs, Arkansas where he worked. And Sherri worked there also. They became very close friends. Their friendship after about a year turned into love and they were married in Missouri on September 20th, 2003. They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony. And Aaron was a handsome happy groom. Aaron and Sherri never had any children and for that, I'm a little sad. They had their share of problems as most couples do. In December 2006 they split up and Aaron moved back home to Texas.

I'm one that believes that everything happens for a reason. That is why I believe that there was a reason for their breakup and Aaron moving back home. Because on June 2nd, 2007 (just 6 months after coming home) Aaron had a major seizure that put him in a coma because of lack of oxygen to his brain. On June 4th they informed us that he was brain dead. That was the day that changed my life forever. Aaron was 26 years old. They say that the hardest thing in life is to lose a child. That is so very true no matter what the child's age.

This Memorial is in Memory of our "TEXAS BOY" who will live on forever in our hearts! We ALL love and miss you Aaron!! And we all know we will be together with you again one day. Until then, (as the song says) keep dancing with the Angels and walking in new life as Heaven fills your eyes.

              SUNRISE: 3~12~1981

              SUNSET: 6~04~2007


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